What size self-storage unit do you need

What size self-storage unit do you need?

Do you want to rent temporary storage for your valuables and wondering what size self-storage unit you need? If yes, then the size of the storage unit that you choose matters a lot. The price difference between a small and medium storage unit ranges anywhere between $1,000- $1,500 per year which is quite big. That is why you need to be careful when choosing a self-storage unit to get the best value for money. But finding a self-storage unit that suits your needs can be a bit tricky, especially if you are renting one for the first time. Fortunately, today you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will tell you the ideal type of self-storage that you need.

What size self-storage unit do you need?

This question does not have a specific answer because it depends on your specific needs. If you have a lot of goods, then you need to hire a larger storage unit. On the other hand, if you only have a few things to be stored, then you should rent a small storage unit.

When determining the size of self-storage, you need to take measurements to determine the exact size of storage for your goods. This way, you will avoid wastage by renting the right size storage unit.

Important factors to consider when determining the size of the storage unit you need:

Consider your storage needs

The first important factor to consider when determining the size of the storage unit you need is your storage needs. What you want to store will determine the amount of storage that you will need. For instance, you will need more space to store your car compared to storing your clothing or utensils. So take stock of everything you need to store in order to determine the right storage space to rent.

Determine if your items need special consideration

Another important factor to consider when determining the size of the storage unit you need is whether your items need a special consideration like refrigeration or an HVAC system. In most cases, items that need special consideration usually require more storage space because of their sensitive nature. It is also important to consider how often you are planning to access your items.

Consider future needs

This is a very important factor that most people usually overlook when considering the size of the storage unit they need for their items. If you are planning to store items for an extended period of time and you think you will need more storage space, then you should choose a storage unit that can accommodate the extra items that you are planning to store. It is actually cheaper to rent a single larger unit than two medium-sized storage units.

What is the most popular self-storage unit size?

The most popular self-storage size unit is 10 x10. The reason why it is very popular is that it can accommodate many needs. This self-storage space can comfortably store items for a two-bedroom apartment. It is incredibly versatile and provides value for money.

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