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Top 4 Arm Massagers in 2022 – By ZABRANIO

Arm Pain and massage

In this article, we will talk about the most common types of pain in the arms. And at the end of the text, we will recommend you the best arm massagers on the market.

Pain can be felt at any part of your body. It might be severe or minor but can heavily impact your normal functioning and sometimes hinder you from doing anything. Diseases and knocks are the leading causes of pain in our bodies. Some might last forever, while some may take a few minutes, hours, days, or weeks. It all depends on the type of cause and how you responded to the pain. In most cases, arms are the most affected parts of the body and will be our primary subject in this article.

arm massager

Arm pain can be a significant setback to your normal functioning. Arms, we are dependent on them, and if injured or feel any kind of pain, we are not able to function. That is why you need to be more careful and protect them at any cost. That does not mean your obligation is centered on the arms alone but your whole body. The arm includes fingers, wrist all the way to the shoulder. What could be the cause of pain in the arm? There are various causes, including Muscle strains due to hard work or sports, Bacterial infections, Muscle cramps, Viral illnesses.

Pain in the arms due to hard work or playing sports

Hard work can lead to severe pain in the arms, which may require the doctor’s attention. There are many different hard works, but still, they need human arms or human presence to be performed. For instance, building anything require human labor. The workers experience hard work in these building sites and are often exposed to many risks.

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Maybe you are assigned to push a wheelbarrow which needs strength, leading to overstretching of your arm muscles. In the sites, you might be hit on the arm heavily by the building materials, might be cut, or even dislocate any arm joint. All these are risks people working in any hard work site go through, and those unlucky may suffer from either leading to arm pains.

Sports is another industry that athletes suffer heavily from arm pain. In any sport, hands are involved. Basketball, volleyball, rugby, American football, handball, and netball, to mention just a few are the most arm-involved sports. While taking part in any of these games, there are high chances of injuring your arm. You may break your finger, wrist, shoulder, or even any joint, leading to minor or severe pain. It is wise to seek doctor intervention in case you fall victim to any arm pain to determine the extent and treatment.

Arthritis in the arm

arm massager

Arthritis is a catch-all word for any joint pain or disease. In the arms, it can only affect finger joints, wrist, elbow, or the shoulder, which is the most freely moveable joint in the body. The shoulder is the most affected part in the arms by arthritis and shows these signs:

 • Pain in the joint

 • Limited motion range or no motion at all

There are five distinctive arm arthritis and are the most common ones. Below are more details about all the five arm arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis {RA}

This is an autoimmune condition that affects both sides of the body, implying that if one shoulder is invaded, the other is more likely to be affected. These are the symptoms experienced if affected by RA:

 • A taut feeling in the shoulder, mainly in the morning

 • Warmth, tenderness, and swelling in the joints

 • Bumps under the skin on any pressure part like a finger, shoulder, or elbow joints

 • Fever, fatigue, or weight loss

This type of arthritis makes your joint linings swell, resulting in pain and joint stiffness. It can cause shoulder joint deformity and shoulder bones erosion over time if left untreated.


The cause of this arm problem is cartilage breakdown at the bone ends meet to form a joint. Due to the rubbing of the ends, cartilage is lost, leading to pain, stiffness, and collective mobility loss. People aged 50 and above are most affected by this kind of arthritis.

The disease can slowly worsen if left untreated, causing joint instability, loss of movement, and muscle weakness.

Post-traumatic arthritis

Any dislocation or fracture of the arm joint leads to this post-traumatic arthritis problem. In most cases, the body recovers from this type of arthritis on its own but can become prolonged if the symptoms continue for over six months. The symptoms include:

 • Amassing of liquid around the joint

 • Experience stiffness in the joint

 • Swelling of the joint

 • Creaking, crunching, or grinding sensation in the joint

 • Restricted motion range in the joint

If not treated, the affected bones might change shape, become bumpy and harden.

Avascular necrosis

This condition can attack any bone and occurs when there is an interruption of blood supply to the bone leading to the death of bone cells. The bone slowly collapses, injuring its covering cartilage. It is caused by heavy usage of steroids or consumption of excess alcohol or traumatic injury, but in some cases, the cause is not known.

If not treated, avascular necrosis can slowly progress from mild pain and bone damage to severe pain and bone damage leading to surgical intervention.

Rotator cuff tear arthropathy

The rotator cuff is the shoulder blade and top of the arm connector through a pool of tendons and muscles. Its injury is common and can result in this form of arthritis.

Injury to the rotator cuff leads to loss of movement, joint pressure, and stability in the shoulder. If left untreated, the consequences of this problem are weakness and severe pain, making it extremely hard for the victim to lift their arms above their heads.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This is a common condition resulting in tingling, pain, and numbness of the hand and arm. The problem occurs if the median nerve, which is one of the primary nerves in the hand, is compressed as it moves through the wrist.

If not diagnosed and treated early in most patients, the problem persists and can be relieved by avoiding certain activities or wearing a wrist splint. However, if the pressure on the nerve goes on, it can result in worsening symptoms and damage the nerve and may require surgery to ease the pressure to avoid permanent damage.

How massage can help solve problems

Massage is the tender touching of certain parts of the body to ease the tension and tightness of the muscles. It helps in relaxing the muscles, improving functioning, and restoring mobility. Arm massage involves stretching, increasing flexibility, lengthening muscle fibers, and increasing motion range.

Arm massager

Furthermore, massage can aid in improving the flow of blood to the affected areas and minimize inflammation. Massages are also suitable for relaxing the physical body and easing stress on the muscles. Time and again, massage has been used to treat most accident-involved patients or those with chronic pains in the back, arm, or any other body part. They are effective, and some patients are prescribed by their doctors to seek chiropractic therapy after treatment to improve and fasten their health recovery.

Arm Massagers

Massage can be offered by either professionals or massage machines. Qualified personnel uses their knowledge and skills to provide these services to their client. They use their hands and massaging stones of items as their tools. However, they are not able to reach the deeper tissue layers like a machine would, which to some patients is a requirement. Machines are our primary concern in this article, and that’s where we are to pay more attention. Let’s get deeper into the arm massager machines.

arm massager

Arm massagers are machines that use vibration to enhance the elasticity of the skin and stimulate muscles. These machines are essential and effective to those suffering from various arm problems, which can be solved by massage and have many benefits. If you have arm problems, it is wise first to try using a massager and visit a doctor if the problem persists. Here are some of the arm massagers‘ benefits.

Benefits of using arm massagers

 • It physically relaxes the arm.

 • Calms the median nerve

 • Relaxes tight muscles

 • Minimizes chronic pain in the arm and hand

 • Raises the skin and muscle tone

 • Relieves aching and tired muscles

 • Improves the circulation of blood in the arm

 • Reduces scarring and swelling in the arm

 • Increases motion range and flexibility of the arm

 • Strengthens the immune system

 • It helps in controlling the pressure and blood flow in the body

 • Speeds up the recovery of the arm or the affected part

 • It is cheap compared to visiting a doctor

Arm massagers come with different types and sometimes for various reasons. Some may be for the deeper tissue layers and some for the shallow tissue layers. Though they all serve the same purpose, they have different features and quality levels. Below are some of the different massager types with their features, use, and quality.

Arm massager – type one

This equipment is referred to as Rollo. It’s a multi-textured roller and forearm massager targeting the inner tissue layers of the golfers and tennis elbows. Rollo is a self- massager tool for tendonitis and arthritis using either roller or brace, efficient for relieving stress, tension, and pain in the muscles. The massager is super compact and portable with powerful suction cups. The roller has a handle and is termed as better than a massager due to its no-grip make and lymphatic discharge.

Arm massager type two

Bob and Brad’s handheld massager is a cordless rechargeable machine with a powerful built-in motor. It has five interchangeable massage heads for both men and women. The massager is portable and efficient in minimizing stress levels, relaxing muscles, and the mind. It can be used on deep tissues in the feet, shoulders, calf, back, muscles, legs, neck, and arms.

It works on a vibration basis that can keep up to 3600 pulses per minute. When fully charged, it can function for 150 minutes at five different speeds, but its default functioning time is 20 minutes and shuts down automatically at the end of that time. Also, it has a silicone grip for durability and easier gripping.

Arm massager type three

Bob and Brad’s Q2 mini-massage gun have five adjustable speeds targeting deep tissue layers. It is pocket-sized and portable, meaning you can move with it wherever you go. Though small and quiet, this massager has five interchangeable massage heads that target various muscle groups, provide pain relief instantly, and raise all the muscles in your body.

It strikes a balance between size and power with a maximum speed of 3000rpm and maximum efficiency for ergonomic comfort. Q2 mini has a long-life rechargeable battery, eases tight muscles, and breaks up knots in the muscles. This is the perfect handheld massager for athletes and hard-to-reach muscles.

Arm massager type four

Reno’s powerful portable massage gun is perfect for athletes. The massager has five interchangeable massage heads with different shapes and power suitable for deep tissues and is super quiet. It has a 2500mAh long-life rechargeable battery and 10 minutes of auto-off protection and can power workouts for a week when charged fully.

This massaging equipment has five different speeds ranging from 1800 to 3200 rpm for various muscle groups. It has a USB-type-C charging port making it easier to move to any place, either home, gym, or workplace place at any time. It is efficient for any body part.

Bottom line

Arm pain can be a severe or minor problem depending on the extent of the injury. It can result from various causes, from hard-working and playing sports to bacterial infections. The extent of the damage and how soon you seek medical interventions determine the period and method that will be efficient for your arms treatment.

Using massagers, you can be sure to save time and money and still be treated for arm problems. It is wise to use massagers before deciding to visit a doctor. Besides, massagers can be more efficient and reliable in treating arm problems.

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