Height Increase Insole

Review of Top 4 Height Increase Insoles in 2022 – By ZABRANIO

Height Increase Insole

Most people are never satisfied with their natural heights. Some are short but desire to be tall, while others feel ashamed of their sky-scraping heights. Everyone will give the cons of their tallness. Those short say, being short everybody else despises you I’d rather be tall.

Genetics is the determinant of your height for your information. Though some conditions might affect your growth, your lineage is crucial. Short people tend to use different methods to increase their height using different methods. Some of the methods are expensive and thus not affordable to many. Using height increase insoles will increase height temporarily. However, you remain with their natural height once you remove the insoles.

There are other methods that you can use to increase your height permanently. One of them is the scientific method which is the most effective. Read on for more details about the method.

An effective method for increasing height

Even though it is not possible to influence genetics too much, the human race has never given up on finding ways to increase height. Doctors have come up with an effective method to increase height. However, the method is not affordable and only suits the wealthy in society. That means only a few of the short people can increase their height.

Moreover, some can afford the transformation but cannot bear the pain. This method is excruciating, which may keep many with the ambition out. Considering the pain, many will just accept and bear with their height than experience the pain.

How height affects people’s self-confidence

Height can affect people’s confidence positively or negatively, but many experiences the adverse effect. Short people are the worst affected in this case. They view themselves as vulnerable compared to those who are medium or taller. To some, their self-esteem and confidence are directly linked with their stature. The height reduces the positive attributes, which leads to a loss of confidence.

Height Increase Insole

However, not all short people are suffering from low self-esteem. There are those who have accepted their stature and built on it, creating a healthy name in society. Changing how higher stature people view you increase your esteem and confidence. But that goes down to how you present yourself while in their company. Some factors trigger loss of esteem and confidence in people with short stature. Below are a few detailed factors.


Imagine finding your short stature among only tall people, and here one of them asks, ”what is this height less human doing here?” how would you take that? Definitely, it would feel like you don’t belong there. Those despising and unwanted terms are generalized as stigmatization. People of different stature refuse to be associated with you because you are not of the same stature. This leads to low or no confidence in whatever you do or yourself, lowering your self-esteem.

Character and presentability

Your character and how you present yourself in other people’s eyes, despite your stature, change how they think of you. Obviously, people of different stature from yours will despise and avoid being associated with you, precisely if you are short and have a lousy character or present yourself with little or no confidence. This makes you lose confidence and lower your self-esteem.

Average heights of people in the US

The average height of US people differs from men to women. It is approximated to 1.77 meters for men while for women, it stands at 1.63 meters. The tallest person in the US stood at 2.35 meters, while the shortest measured 0.69 meters.

Facts about height

There are different facts about height. Some might surprise you, while some may seem unbelievable to you. Here are some facts about height.


You grow fastest in your first year


Your height changes all day long


Height genes are not everything


Caffeine does not affect the height of a person


There are health problems associated with height. For instance, short people have a higher risk of heart diseases while tall most suffer from cancer-related issues.


Being tall is suitable for your ticker


Taller people make more money compared to the short


Height confers hotness


Genes can cause height extremes


You start to shrink at the age of 40


Fashion can aid you fake looking taller

Height solution- height increases insoles

If short and feel uncomfortable with your height, there is a solution for you. With all the discouragements associated with short stature, people look for increasing their height. The best solution for all people with differences in social status is using the insoles. These height increase insoles are typically affordable, making them accessible to large groups of people. In this case, no one is left behind; the wealthy or the less fortunate can afford it.

Height Increase Insole

The insoles come in different sizes and height lengths. They increase the height up to 2.5 inches. The texture is quality to offer complete comfort to the wearer. Come in various colors to give everybody a chance to choose their favorite color. The insoles are adjustable too.

Benefits of height increase insoles

• Have air cushioned caps to offer comfort to the feet

• Can absorb shocks and prevent feet injuries

• Reduce fatigue leading to an improvement in your performance

• Does not reveal your secret to the public- about your actual height

• They help in reducing foot pain

• Odor causing bacteria would be a thing of the past

• They are incomparable with high heels when it comes to comfort

• It can be trimmed to fit into different shoe sizes

• They are made of quality materials guaranteeing durability

• Increase the height instantly

Below are the different products for the height increase insoles

SOL3 -2.36 inch

SOL3 is a men’s premium insole made from gel. The insoles enhance comfort from the gel material with pressurized airbag units, measure one size in size, and are affordable. They are adjustable with a three-level tier designed to fit and increase your height. SOL3 height increase insoles are responsive with 4.7 oz cushioning and light to your feet. SOL3 is over 26.5% lighter than full-length shoes. The product offers a height boost of 1 to 2.36 inches of 3 to 6 centimeters. Increase your height instantly with the SOL3 height increase insoles.

Mendez Premium Height Increase Insole

Mendez height increase insoles are designed for both men and women. Their size is 1.5 inches and a pack of one. The insoles provide maximum comfort. Mendez insoles are made of dual-density foams that offer a unique ultra-soft cushion all day. The material used to make the insoles is polyurethane foam, a high-density PU foam yet light. The actual weight of the insole is 50 grams.

These insoles are to occupy less room in shoes, making them compatible with many shoe styles. They come in two arch types: high arch and low arch.

Sports Shoe Insoles

Alaska elastic height increase insoles are yellow and made from rubber. The insoles are fit for both genders. The sizes differ for both men and women, measuring 8-12 m US women and 7-10 m US men. They have a height of 1.5 cm and offer absolute comfort when worn.

They have super shock absorbers designed to reduce stress on the feet. The material allows a flow of air, keeping off odor and giving the feet space to breathe. The insoles are suitable for sports, work, or leisure. Their performance is amazing and so comfortable on the feet.

2.5 Inches Height Increase Shoe Insoles

This height increase insole gives your feet the much-needed comfort and allows them to breathe. Apart from offering instant height increases, it provides 100% risk-free satisfaction to the user. They are black and are made from high-quality material, ensuring durability. It has a range of three layers, making it adjustable to the height that suits you, which is up to 2.5 inches and a size of 7-11 m men. They are suitable for both men and women and can fit any shoe type, be it formal, casual, or sports. Satisfy your need with these affordable insoles.

Final thoughts

Height can be a source of agony to many people around the globe. Though there are means of increasing your height, the best way to feel comfortable is by accepting yourself the way you are, either tall or short in stature. However, it is wise to understand the problems associated with your height.

If you are short and feel pretty uncomfortable, you can use the most affordable method to increase your height and height increase insoles. But if you are dying to increase your height permanently, you have to be ready to fork out a large sum of money and go through a harrowing process. Why experience all this while you can just buy height increase insoles to serve the same purpose?

I would say that you get insoles to increase your self-confidence, but learn to love and appreciate yourself the way you are.

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