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Miko Air Purifier

It’s hard nowadays to find the best air purifier, but after reading this review, you’ll consider shifting your attention more toward the Miko Air Purifier. The device is fitted with various features that make it an exemplary machine at what it does, i.e., air purification.

In this review, expect to be surprised by the performance of this device and its features alongside some of the reasons why you should buy it. So, if you’re excited to find out more about this machine, then read on.

What is Miko Air Purifier?

If you want to enjoy the controlled fresh air at your own convenience, then the Miko air purifier is a suitable device for this purpose. The Miko purifier uses 360° suction technology to ensure the even distribution of fresh and purified air in a room. Moreover, you can use it alongside an optimal aromatherapy oil which has essential components for calming stress.

The Miko air purifier is best for neutralizing and eliminating pet odor or if you just want a feel of the fresh atmosphere in your living space. In addition, if you suffer from allergies, consider getting this device. The Miko air purifier is available on many retail platforms like Amazon, plus you can also purchase it online. But before you buy this magnificent device, it’s critical to have a clear picture of what you’re going to buy, as outlined below.

Main features

It has a 3-stage filtration system

Has aromatherapy alongside an essential oil amplifier.

It is a noise dampener making it operate silently

It has a range of 400 Square Feet

It has an intuitive control panel

It has a HEPA layer

It comes with a user manual, a pair of replacement absorption pads, and an air filter

It has a built-in two-level non-stop timer

It comes with a portable tote bag

It has a white exterior color

It weighs 6.5 lbs

It has touch buttons on the control panel

It measures 10.97 x 11.5 x 13.2 inches

Design and performance:

Room coverage

Your main aim of buying an air purifier is to clean the air in a room such as a basement, living room, bedrooms, etc. So, it’s essential to know the square footage of air you’d like to clean. Or you might end up buying an air purifier with a short range that might not cover the entire room. On the other hand, you also risk wasting money on a purifier with a more extensive range which might also be unnecessary.

The Miko Air Purifier has a reasonable range of 400 square feet that can handle medium to large rooms, be it your office, restaurant, bedroom, etc. The average estimation of your room could be between 80 and 200 square feet. So whether you have an entire house measuring up to 1600 Square feet, you should know where and how to position the device, as you’ll see later.

Power consumption

If you’re worried about the power consumption of the Miko Air Purifier, you’d be surprised to know that it will significantly save you on energy bills. The air purifier only consumes 25 Watts —barely noticeable when the bills come.

Note that other products similar to this one in market spaces like Amazon aren’t as energy efficient as this one. In fact, you’ll have to dig a bit deeper into your pockets to accommodate for the monthly power bills. The power consumed by Miko Air Purifier is far less than the amount a regular light bulb consumes. Sacrificing a few bucks for this air purifier and other kitchen items on Amazon or Walmart will prove to be an economic investment in the long run.

The filter functionality

Suppose you’re looking for the best air purifier with the best H13 true HEPA filtration technology in the market, then look no further than the Miko Air Purifier on Amazon. Moreover, the H13 true HEPA filter is medical grade and features antibacterial and preliminary h13  filters to enhance the device’s performance against particles, germs, and odor.

The H13 True HEPA filter can eliminate 99.97% of small particles like dust, mites, and dander. In addition, it can eliminate small particles as little as 0.3 microns. The preliminary filter, on the other hand, can eliminate bigger particles like pet hair, which also makes it suitable for people with fur allergies. So, if you like having a pet around but don’t like having its hair all over the place, consider purchasing this device. You will see the product on amazon where you can add it to your cart and enjoy the quick shipping.

As you already know, particles contain bacteria which can be health hazards, e.g., viruses and bacteria in your house. As previously mentioned, this device is fitted with medical components. And so, the device has undergone numerous tests and is certified by UL, EPA, ROHS, and CARB to be efficient. You can rest assured that this device will be a game-changer in eliminating illnesses like cold or other airborne bacterial and viral infections.

Air exchange rate

In addition to its exceptional range of 400 square feet, this machine has an excellent exchange rate of 80 square feet for every 12 minutes. That means, if your room has an area of 400 square feet, then it will take the Miko Air Purifier 5 hours to purify the entire space completely. Moreover, this feature ensures the room remains fresh the whole day.

Noise dampening

The noise levels are exceedingly low; its presence is hardly noticeable when working. In addition, its low noise levels are the best in the market. Essentially, the fan is one of the noise generators, and the noise levels it produces range between 25db and 46db, i.e., from lowest to the highest level, respectively.

While some noisy air purifiers are only suitable for daytime usage, Miko Air Purifier allows you to purify indoor air anytime you want, whether during the day or at night. Due to low noise levels, you can set it to sleep mode and have a peaceful sleep with only a whistling sound that won’t disturb you in your sleep. Shop and add this cleaner and other kitchen items that have god reviews to your cart.

Safety of Miko Air Purifier

If safety is at the top of your priorities, then you don’t have to worry about the safety of this device. It doesn’t cause any UV exposure, ozone releases, or anything harmful, for that matter. In addition, the exterior construction is mainly plastic, so, no need to worry about electrocution.

CADR Rating

The amount of fresh air an air purifier delivers in a room per minute is known as the CADR rate. The Miko Air Purifier has a CADR rate of 2.5 cubic meters per minute. That means you should be enjoying 150 cubic meters of fresh air in an hour from the time you switch it on. Bear in mind that the coverage is three times more than this amount, which is impressive. 

How the Miko Air Purifier works

The features and functionality outlined work side by side to purify indoor air and make the device what it is. But how does the device work? Below is an outline of the stages the air goes through for purification.

The HEPA filter sucks air into a woven filter to capture the particles present in it. And as previously mentioned, it captures up to the smallest 0.3-micron particles.

The device then uses the electrical charge to neutralize the pollutants by drawing air into the unit and collecting them on its charged metal plate.

The activated carbon filters trap the odor molecules in your house. In addition, it also traps other VOCs that may be present in the air. Note that these filters can only absorb vapor-based particles.

Breaking pollutants through UV radiation is also another way of breaking down the pollutants. How does this work? The device releases a mild, non-lethal form of radiation through a light in the unit that destroys all viruses and bacteria as the air flows out of the machine. The UV light breaks the molecular structure of these organisms rendering them harmless. You can shop for this product and many other kitchen items that have good reviews from amazon which you can add to your cart.

Tips for proper usage of Miko Air Purifier

Purchasing this spectacular device isn’t all you need. To get the most out of this device, you have to use it properly. Below are essential tips to aid your maximize on its performance.

Location choice

Choosing the best location for Miko Air Purifier can go a long way in delivering exceptional results. So ensure it’s located in an area with a clearing of a few feet, e.g., 3 feet. That also applies to its top. Advisably, if you want maximum performance, use this device on room sizes mentioned earlier.

Pointing the flown in the right direction

Pointing the flow towards the right direction is mainly essential for large rooms. For small rooms, this may not be necessary since the air will circulate to cover the entire room. However, it would be best if you still considered pointing in the right direction.

Switching off the device

Due to technological advancements, current air purifiers, including Miko, have superior designs with power efficiency. So, there’s no need to turn it off since it doesn’t consume much power as previously described. This is mainly important if your household has people with health Conditions, Such as asthma and other respiratory problems, and smokers.

Change the filters regularly

Once you’ve purchased the Miko Air Purifier, ensure you’ve read the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintaining your home purifying device. For instance, you should replace the Carbon and the h13 true HEPA filters outlined on the product page. Note that these h13  air filters components are an essential element for a good and peaceful night’s sleep. That’s why you shouldn’t wait till the h13 filters are clogged; otherwise, it will render the product a useless piece of junk. Shop for this item and other kitchen products that have gathered many good reviews from amazon and add them to your cart.

Close the doors and windows

Before switching on the cleaner and starting to clean, ensure the doors and windows are closed. Also, seal any leaking openings through which the purified air might escape. If you leave the windows and doors open, then your efforts to clean the free indoor air will go in vain. That’s because outdoor air will be replacing the clean Indoor air, which might render the cleaner inefficient.

Benefits of using the Miko Air purifier:

Eliminating harmful Radon

Naturally occurring radioactive elements like uranium can be found in some building materials. And breaking down of these free elements leads to the production of radon—a colorless and odorless gas. Since this free gas emits from the walls, Granite, and soil, beware of the cracks on your floors or the walls.

Radon is a dangerous gas and is among the leading causes of cancer in the US which you need to filter. By having Miko Air Purifier, you’ll be doing yourself a favor health-wise as the product traps the free gas particles, courtesy of its HEPA filter. You can shop for the clean product from amazon and add it to your cart together with other kitchen items that you will see have good reviews.

Eliminates unpleasant odors

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as gasoline and benzene break down and cause an off-gassing odor that can cause breathlessness or nausea. In worse situations, they can interfere with your cognition. These VOCs are mainly found in aerosols, air fresheners, paints, etc.

The Miko Air Purifier’s HEPA filters can effectively trap these VOCs particles reducing pollution in your living space. Also, you will see that the filter of the cleaner will help to keep you safe and free or any danger particles in the air. If you’ll be having guests over, there is no need to worry about the odor of your cooking spices or smoke as Miko Air Purifier has got your back. Shop for this new cleaner from amazon where you will also see products which you may need in your house and kitchen all with some good reviews.

Increases life expectancy

Indoor air pollution by smoke has the potential to interfere with your respiratory and cognitive function and can also affect your pet. Usually, indoor pollution mainly originates from household products, dust, and smoke from the kitchen. You will see that some of these dust and smoke particles from the kitchen can penetrate your blood-brain barrier causing cognitive problems. But with new Miko Air Purifier, rest assured that when you buy it,  it will go a long way in increasing your life expectancy and that of your pet. You can shop for the new cleaner on amazon together with other filtration and kitchen products that you can use in your home. As you shop and add the product to your cart, you will notice it has some good reviews from past users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is Miko Air Purifier made?

The manufacturer of this new smart purifier is based in Kowloon, Hong Kong. And they are among the major distributors of these purifiers across the globe, including the US. You can easily get this smart cleaner and many other purifiers from retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

How do  I clean my Miko Air Purifier?

You can take the dust purifier of the new smart product apart and wash the filters and the plates by rinsing. However, it’s best to replace the HEPA and the carbon filters of the product once a month if you want to get smart filtration.

Where can I buy the large Miko Air Purifier replacement filters?

The new product together with filters are available on Amazon where we offer fast shipping for the cleaner and many other smart products that we have. Head on to amazon and you will see the large dust cleaner and many more smart purifiers.

Is it safe to leave the filtration product on all the time?

The simple answer is yes, courtesy of large cleaner smart technology that also prevents the product from spoiling. But, it’s best to clean the dust filters of the new product once a month to prevent clogging. And also ensure a consistent general cleaning of this smart product that is available in amazon among other free air and smoke purifiers.

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