how to use a vacuum cleaner

How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner Properly?

If you want to maintain your space yourself and avoid paying for cleaning services, you definitely can’t avoid vacuuming. A vacuum cleaner is one of the critical home appliances to make your work easier and your environment healthy and conducive. With a vacuum cleaner, cleaning rugs, tiles, upholstery, and carpets will be a walk-over and an enjoyable task. However, not everyone with a vacuum cleaner knows how to use it properly. The improper use of a vacuum cleaner will destroy your tiles, carpets, and upholstery, damage your vacuum or invalidate your warranty. To save yourself from all this mess, stick around to learn how to use a vacuum cleaner.

Are All Vacuum Cleaners the Same?

First, you must know that all vacuum cleaners are not the same. The kind of vacuum cleaner you use will determine what you want to clean. Here are different types of vacuum cleaners, so choose the right for the right job.

  • Commercial vacuums
  • Upright vacuums
  • HEPA vacuums
  • Lightweight vacuums
  • Vacuums for hardwood floors
  • Vacuums for tile floors
  • Vacuums for apartments
  • Vacuums for wool carpets
  • Vacuums for vinyl plank floors

However, many vacuum cleaners come with different accessories that you can change according to what and where you are cleaning. These accessories help you to use the vacuum cleaner on other floors, off-floor surfaces, upholstery, etc. some of the accessories include an extension wand, an upholstery tool, a dusting brush, a floor sweeper, powder brush, multi-angle brush, a crevice cleaner.

Keep in mind that the battery is a very important part of every portable cordless vacuum cleaner. Even if you have a vacuum cleaner with the best characteristics on paper, but your battery pack is failing quickly, you will not be satisfied with your cordless vacuum cleaner as a whole.

Dos and Don’ts of Using a Vacuum Cleaner

When you buy a vacuum cleaner, there will be a guide on how to use a vacuum cleaner and dos and don’ts. First, however, here are common dos and don’ts of using a vacuum cleaner.

how to use a vacuum cleaner


  • After cleaning, unplug your vacuum
  • Never pull your vacuum cord to remove the plug
  • Remove the vacuum bag before it’s full for efficient cleaning, so keep checking it often.
  • Always remove clean large items on the floor, like pens, coins, socks, etc., before vacuum cleaning. Pick them with your hands before you begin vacuum cleaning.
  • If you suspect the vacuum horse is blocked, use a narrow item like a broom handle to unblock it.
  • Always read the manufacturer’s booklet before using the vacuum cleaner
  • Clean the vacuum cleaner regularly 
  • Clean the bristles every time you use, the canister after some uses, and filters once a month; however, this depends on the filter’s capacity.


  • Never use DIY methods to repair your vacuum cleaner
  • Don’t use a vacuum cleaner once you hear noises or smell. Stop using it, clean it and let it sit for some time before trying it again.
  • Never use a paper vacuum more than once to prevent the vacuum motor from overheating.

How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Step 1

If cleaning your floor or living room, move the furniture to create a good room for cleaning and to make your work easier. You should also collect all the large items on the floor.

Step 2

Check the height of the vacuum depending on the size of the carpet. The vacuum cleaner has guidelines for various carpet lengths, so check that out first. Setting the correct height will ensure there is enough suction and airflow. Next, start the vacuum cleaner by pressing the start button. Start at the edge of the carpet or rug and push the vacuum forward and backward in a straight line. Overlap 50% of the carpet or rug to ensure you pick up all the dust and debris. You should do this slowly to ensure all the dirt is collected.

Step 3

Check if the bag is almost full and empty it. Emptying the bag before it’s completely full improves the suction power. So, once it’s ¾ full, get rid of the dirt to ensure you spend your time and energy well while cleaning. Lower suction power will make you spend too much time and energy when you shouldn’t.

Step 4

If you want to clean other areas like the corners and under the furniture, you should use vacuum cleaner accessories for the right place you want to clean. Adjust the vacuum cleaner according to the area you are cleaning by changing the head of the vacuum cleaner. Accessories like an extension wand will help you easily clean hard-to-reach places without overstretching yourself.

Common Problems to Fix in a Vacuum Cleaner

how to use a vacuum cleaner

 1. Loss of suction

This can be one of the most annoying problems. You spend a lot of time vacuuming one area without seeing good results. This can be due to clogged filters, a full bag, or a hole in the bag. Check for any clogs and unlock them. If the bag has a hole, it’s time to replace it. Check any clogs in your vacuum and fix them.

2. A burning smell from the vacuum

This is mainly caused by a broken belt. You can solve this problem without needing to contact a professional. Buy a belt and replace it. Then, you can check your guide on how to replace a broken belt. 

 3. Vacuum shutting off

When the vacuum is too hot, the motor senses and shuts it down to prevent it from burning out. This can happen if you vacuum on the wrong surface or your hose is clogged. If it’s a handheld vacuum, it can also shut down if the battery is not well installed. Solving these issues is easy. Unclog the hose or put the right settings according to the surface you are vacuuming. If the problem is a battery, ensure you install it correctly.

Final Thoughts

If you have gone through the article, you already know how to use the vacuum cleaner and how to handle it properly. This will prolong its life and help you avoid things that can render your warranty invalid. If you realize, even after following the correct procedure of using a vacuum, it’s not working properly, call a professional technician who deals with vacuum repair. Always use your vacuum well for better performance. You must learn how to wash each part of the vacuum cleaner before you start cleaning.

Do you need more tips for the cleaning process? We highly recommend the Blog, you will find great information there.

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