How to pack mirrors for moving

How to pack mirrors for moving?

Do you own a mirror and are moving to a new home? Packing up and moving is daunting, especially if you do it yourself. Mirrors’ size, weight, and fragile nature often make it challenging to pack and move. It is advisable to hire professional movers to help you pack and move to a new house. However, some people prefer saving money and the hassle of looking for a reliable moving company to handle everything themselves. It is not the worst idea if you buy the right packing supplies, follow the right steps, and get a little help from family or friends. Continue reading to learn how to pack mirrors for moving.

Should I hire a moving company?

If you are on a tight budget, you can do it yourself. Just follow the steps explained below, and everything will be okay. Be that as it may, hiring a moving company is a good approach because they handle everything from packing to moving and unpacking your belongings. Even though you will spend money, moving companies save time and offer peace of mind.

How to pack mirrors for moving

However, hiring a reputable moving company is crucial to avoid unforeseen costs, breakages, and delays. A good moving company has high ratings and positive reviews from previous customers. Always hire a moving company that is insured and bonded to avoid incurring losses if your items are damaged or stolen during transit.

Gathering the right supplies

Before you start worrying about packing and moving your mirror, consider buying the right materials. Firstly, most of these supplies are recyclable and affordable. Secondly, they are readily available online and at home improvement stores. However, research well to buy high-quality materials and get discounts or offers to save money. It is important to understand that mirrors are fragile, and if they are packed in the wrong boxes, there is a high possibility they will be damaged before or when moving. With that in mind, here are must-have supplies you should gather:

· Picture & Mirror boxes are uniquely designed to store, move, and ship mirrors and expensive art. Capable of carrying up to 65 pounds, these boxes completely encase your mirror, protecting it from potential damage. If you are planning to move several mirrors, buying picture & mirror boxes with telescopic features is advisable.

· Packing paper – packing paper is used as a filler to keep your mirror in place during transit.

· Moving blanket – prevents the mirror from getting scratched.

· Packing tape – you need packing tape to close the mirror box carefully. You don’t need other people to check or open your boxes while moving.

· Glassine paper is specifically designed to protect valuable art and mirrors from water, grease, and scratches. Therefore, you will have peace of mind knowing that your mirror is protected from scratches or weather elements like rain.

· Corner protectors – when moving, it is essential to factor everything to avoid unforeseen events. For example, you can bump into a wall when moving your mirror to the truck or up the stairs. Consider including corner protectors in your shopping list to prevent the mirror from moving around and breaking. However, this does not mean you should not be careful when carrying the mirror!

· Marker – as a rule of thumb, always label the boxes when moving. Remember to include specific details, for instance, if they are delicate and where they should go, e.g., kitchen or living room, to save time and reduce breakages.

After gathering all the necessary supplies, you can start packing the mirror. Depending on the size of your mirror and the time available, you can ask for help from a family member or friend.

Choose a suitable packing area

Packing is time-consuming because of the materials and steps you must follow. Ergo, the packing area should have ample space to ease the process and save time. The living room, kitchen, or dining room are ideal packing areas because you can easily maneuver the mirror. After choosing a packing station, place moving blankets on the surface to act as a cushion. If you have cardboard, you can place it on top to further protect the mirror.

Unpacking the mirror box

Mirror boxes usually have four separate pieces for efficient and safe packing. The pieces can interlock and be adjusted depending on the mirror size. You must use all four sections or components to create a mirror carton. To get the mirror carton ready, slide two sections into one another and place bubble cushioning/wrap to the sides and corners to fill any gaps. Repeat the steps to have two half pieces of mirror boxes.

Wrapping the mirror

Wrapping the mirror is one of the critical steps because one wrong move and the unthinkable happen. Therefore, be cautious and do not haste to warp the mirror. The first step of wrapping the mirror entails taping an X on it using painter’s tape. Use painter’s tape to tape the mirror from corner to corner. You can tape the mirror along the edges to protect the frame for added protection.

After taping an X on the mirror, place glassine paper on top of it and secure it using packing tape. Carefully place the mirror on top of the laid packing paper and cardboard. Using the glassine paper, wrap the mirror from either side. It is crucial to ensure that the entire mirror is covered. If you have bubble wrap, add another layer of protection and carefully secure the layers with packing tape. After confirming the mirror is carefully wrapped, add corner protectors to each corner for extra protection.

Transferring the mirror to the mirror box

Slide the wrapped mirror into one half of the mirror box. If you can’t do it yourself, have someone else hold the mirror box, and you slide the mirror or vice versa. Adjust the mirror and fill any empty spaces with bubble wrap. It is advisable to tape the mirror in place before sliding the second half mirror box from the top. If there is a lot of space left, consider adjusting the mirror box’s top half appropriately. Secure the top section with tape and carefully inspect the mirror. Gently shake the mirror box and listen carefully. Remove the tape and add more bubble wrap if anything is shifting inside. Better safe than sorry!

The last steps involve taping the mirror box entirely to ensure the bubble wrap and mirror are tightly packed. Finally, label the mirror box with a marking pen to avoid careless handling during transportation.

How to pack a mirror without bubble wrap?

Although bubble wrap provides the best protection when moving fragile items like mirrors, it is expensive. If you don’t have bubble wrap, you can use the following:

· Packing paper – packing paper is affordable and soft. Hence, it is a good substitute because it will protect your mirror from dust and moisture. Also, it conforms easily, and you can wrap the mirror without exposing any parts.

· Towels – you can use old towels to protect the mirror from impacts. The only drawback is the fact that towels are heavier. However, since you are not planning to leave them behind when moving, you can use them to wrap your mirror and avoid buying bubble wrap.

· Blankets – although they are heavy, blankets provide cushioning. You can use household blankets or buy moving blankets if you don’t want to use bubble wrap. Bed sheets and pieces of clothing are also excellent choices. If you have socks, use them to fill gaps.

· Newspapers and magazines can also be used as the last resort when moving a mirror. However, be cautious when packing to avoid ink stains. Therefore, consider wrapping the mirror with towels, packing paper or blankets, and then newspapers to avoid dealing with ink stains after the move.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How should I pack the mirror in the moving truck?

Always place the mirror upright because laying it flat increases the chances of getting stepped on. It also reduces pressure or other people placing heavy items on top of it. If you have a couch, table, or drawer, you can set the mirror behind it.

How to pack mirrors for moving

Where should I buy packing supplies?

There are numerous online stores where you can buy packing supplies from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can purchase supplies from moving companies, truck rental companies, or home improvement stores. If a colleague or close friend recently moved, consider asking for recommendations.

Can I pack two mirrors in one mirror box?

Yes. However, you must use bubble wrap and tape the mirrors tightly.

What is the best way to pack a mirror for moving?

The best way to pack a mirror for moving is by using bubble wrap or glassine paper because they offer sufficient protection. Follow this guideline to prevent your mirror from getting scratched or broken.

Final thoughts

Although packing your mirror might be time-consuming, it is the only guarantee to prevent damage. Replacing a broken mirror is costly and can prove daunting. Therefore, buy high-quality packing materials instead of taking chances and follow this guide.

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